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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules

by Jeff Kinney

Soft Cover, Published by Puffin Books, Great Britain , 2009, 217 pages, Cartoon style illustrations, black and white, Rented from Bookworm Library @ Rs. 2/- per day.

Reviewed by Leander Vaz

(as told to Sujata Noronha at Bookworm)

I like this book because the pictures are very funny. The pictures help to understand the writing. They remind me of funny jokes that happen in school.

I like the funny things that happen to Greg like when his father put him for swimming classes, he was more worried about where the bullet (starter pistol) was going to land rather than swimming across the pool.

In this book, Rodrick (Greg's older brother) finds Greg’s secret diary and reads it and because of this incident Greg always keeps his diary locked up in his secret drawer.

The book also has Rowley who is Greg’s friend. Rowley’s family is very rich and Rowley is also good at playing video games which Greg plays very well. Rowley and Greg made up a secret language which they saw in a movie and tried to talk in code at dinner time when at Rowley’s house. This is what Greg said to Rowley. “ YOUR-PA DAD-PA SMELLS-PA LIKE-PA A WOMAN-PA”. This resulted in Greg being sent back home before dessert.

Greg has a baby brother called Manny. And Manny calls Greg bubby instead of brother. I also have a younger brother.

Rodrick has a crazy band named Loded Diper which plays loud music to fill the driveway with wild teenagers. “ Dad couldn’t relax with all those teenagers out on our driveway. So he went upstairs and got his boom box. Then he put in a classical music CD and let it play. And you would not believe how quickly the driveway cleared out after that." (page 38)

I found the the lead singer of the band who is named Bill Walter very strange because he is 35 years old and does not have a job and still lives with his parents. Greg and his dad found this strange too.

Rating: I give this book 10 out of 10. I have already read 3 of the 4 Wimpy Kid books and like them very much.

Leander Vaz

Std 3, Shiksha Niketan, Sangolda

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