Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess Polly and the Pony

Princess Polly and the Pony

by Susanna Davidson

Illustrated by: Dave Hill, Published by: Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2007, 47 pages, fully illustrated, all colour, Price: Rs 95/-

Reviewed by Ruth Remedios

As told to Sujata Noronha at Bookworm

This is one of my favourite books from the Readers. I took it because it had the word Princess. I would like to be a princess because they get everything.

In this story, Polly the princess does not want to only be a princess, she wants to ride her pony and she likes horses. Polly does not want to only wear nice dresses and sit , she wants to ride and take part in the Pony Games that are announced. The King says she cannot, but Polly finds a way to take part . Now, you read the book to find out the end.

Polly also makes the King and Queen allow her to do what she likes for one day in the week. The other days she is a Princess wearing her pretty dresses. I liked that Polly was able to get what she wanted and not make the King and Queen angry.

I would have not chosen the book if it did not have any pictures. I liked the writing.

Ruth Remedios

Std 4, Shiksha Niketan, Sangolda

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  1. Well done, well written. I'm going to read all the reviews. Keep it up, younguns.