Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Shop of Hamsters

Little Shop of Hamsters by R.L.Stine

Series: Goose bumps- HorrorLand, 135 pages, soft cover, publisher: Scholastic India, Price: Rs 110/-

Reviewed by Mia Marie Lourenço

Some months back, I read a book of horror fiction called ‘Little Shop of Hamsters’. It is by R.L.Stine and is published by Scholastic. It is about a boy Sam Waters, who desperately needs a pet, but his parents refuse because they think he is irresponsible. So he takes an after school job at a pet store. Weird things begin to happen in the little pet store. He loves the little hamsters, but later he finds himself running from the pet store. When he finds that they aren’t just cute little hamsters.

The story is set in modern times. I think it is set in America. It is not written in the book.

The author is R.L.Stine. He is very famous for children stories. He usually writes horror stories. He is based in New York. Some of his books are ‘Heads You Lose’, ‘Scream of the Haunted Mask’, etc.

I like Mr. Fitz. He is the owner of the little shop of hamsters. He turns to be quite a good old man. But old people are not necessarily good and kind. Read this book to find out who the real Mr. Fitz is! Sam Waters and Lexi are the good guy and girl who struggle in the battle between the hamsters and Mr. Fitz.

This book is very interesting because it is just like what children would imagine. Like there are cute hamsters which turn out to be evil. The owner of the pet store is the same. Then there’s a fight and the good guys win. It really exercises your brain. Makes your imagination grow wider and wider.

The outer cover is also very eye-catching. It shows the hamsters glaring at you. Very Goosebumpy!!

Everything was understandable, the language was very clear. But there shouldn’t have been so many confusing parts. They suddenly skip from one part of the story to another. This sometimes is confusing.

I liked the statements – “I hope you enjoyed your souvenirs,” his smile faded, “Now it’s time you pay me back.”

I also liked – “Don’t worry, Sam, the fun is just beginning!” He raised his eyebrows and gazed over my head. “But first…we have to wait for the others.”

Rating: I give the book 8 out of 10. No, make it 7, because it was confusing.

Mia Marie Lourenço

Std 8 – Fatima Convent, Margao

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